5 fail-proof Ways to Score the Internship of your dreams

5 fail-proof Ways to Score the Internship of your dreams

Internships are where it’s at if you’re an individual fresh from university, college, or an online course completion. It is one of the most crucial steps you need to take to build a successful career. This is why the competition for these opportunities is as fierce as it comes. Here’s some proof to go along with that: an online survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the U.S. found that just 56.1% of graduating seniors applied for an internship and received at least one offer. What this means is that up to half of those other graduating seniors got nothing in terms of internships.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 fail-proof ways to increase your chances of scoring that internship you’ve always wanted.

5 fail-proof ways to score that internship you’ve always wanted

1. Start early

By start early, I mean before you are done with your learning program, start looking up internships that you have been thinking about and would be a great fit for you. This has the potential of giving you the upper hand in the search for gainful internships in your field.

2. Do your research

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In another survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in the U.S, 72% of employers said that they were more likely to hire a candidate who had done their research on the company. If you go out on a limb and start applying to different places, you risk waiting for longer than you’re supposed to and hitting duds all at the same time. Before you apply for that internship position you’ve had your sights on, ensure you do some very thorough research on the company; focus on its website, its social media, the company’s values, its work culture, and the specific position you’re applying for, for example, do your research on the UI/UX position and its requirements.

3. Network!

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Networking is one of the most talked about ways to get to the big places in corporate life, and for good reason. In a 2016 study by CareerBuilder that surveyed over 3,000 hiring managers, it was revealed that a whopping 70% of jobs are never advertised. Only 30% of jobs were advertised, and the rest were filled through employee referrals, networking, or other means. This same survey also found that networking was the most common way to find a job, with 44% of jobs being obtained through the process of networking. You can network by reaching out to key players in your industry, or that friend you have that got an internship similar to the one you are vying for and connecting with them. You can do this when you attend fairs and events in your industry or on career apps like LinkedIn.

4. Tailor your application to the role you’re applying for

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Say you’re fresh off finishing multiple UI/UX courses with certifications to match. But then your resume is tailored more to the role of a web developer. What you need to do is fix up your resume to match the role you’re applying for, highlighting your skills and the fact that you have the specific requirements the job demands. What this does is show that you have read and understood the job description thoroughly. After all that is done, you might want to look into a resume review by a professional or AI tool.

5. Practice for your interview.

When all the previous steps eventually come through, and you are granted an interview for the position you have applied to, the next course of action would be to prepare adequately for it. You wouldn’t want to go for your interview and start mumbling or talking with too many fillers as that would cause many workplaces to reconsider. Research common interview questions and their answers, dress professionally, and make sure to arrive on time.

Wrapping up

These tips increase your chances of scoring that internship you’ve had your sights on for the longest of times. However, remember that there are many people just like you, who are trying to get that same type of internship, and are putting these same tips into practice, it’s definitely not easy. But one thing is sure, it will click when it clicks. Good luck!